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Gloucester helped my dreams come true to own a barbers: How a penniless asylum seeker made a great life, and now owns 3 barber shops here.

I came to the UK with nothing but a dream

From Asylum Seeker to Successful Business Owner: The Inspiring Journey of Dino Doyd

I came to the UK 13 years ago penniless and seeking asylum. Now I run 3 of Gloucester's most popular barber shops.

How it all began

About Dino

This is the story of me Dino Doyd, an asylum seeker from Kurdistan who transformed my life and became a successful business owner in a foreign land.

My journey began in 2006 when I fled my home country, seeking asylum in the UK. With a dream to make a better life for myself, I faced numerous challenges, including language barriers and cultural differences. However, my determination and resilience saw me through and now I have 3 Barber Shops in Gloucester.


Dino’s Barber Shop on London Road, Dino’s Barber Shop in Quedgeley and Dino’s Barber Shop Brockworth opening soon.

Dino - Barbershop in Gloucester

When I first entered the country as an asylum seeker, the government helped me start a life for myself by paying for all of my living arrangements and providing him with an education.

When I came here, I did not have anything and I could not speak a word of English. I could not even say ‘Hello’.

I attended Gloucestershire College, where I not only honed my English skills but also met my future wife. Together, we now have two sons and a thriving business.

My first job in the UK was at a car wash. I worked tirelessly, saving every penny I could. My hard work paid off when I was able to buy a car wash myself. 

However, I had a different dream. I trained as a hairdresser in Kurdistan and always wanted to own a barbers.

With the support of my friends and the local community, my dream came true. I now own 3 Barber Shops in Gloucester, ,Dino’s Barber Shop on London Road, Dino’s Barber Shop in Quedgeley and Dino’s Barber Shop will soon be opening in Brockworth.

My barber shops are a testament to my journey, from an asylum seeker to a beloved member of the community.

My story is a shining example of how refugees can contribute positively to their host countries. 


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